GoPetition outlines services for Groups, Businesses and Organizations

GoPetition has been developing leading campaign software for individuals, groups, businesses and organizations for over a decade. Currently, our client base ranges from individuals seeking micro change for local causes, to organizations and government authorities seeking macro change regarding important social concerns.

In 2010, leading Internet consultancy firm e8 Consulting recommended GoPetition to the Australian Federal Government as a Web 2.0 best practice example. Since that time, GoPetition has been working hard to maintain and develop best practice standards to supply leading applications to both individuals and organizations, including NGOs and government authorities.

GoPetition's membership base includes and targets NGOs which have a variety of orientations:

  • Charitable organizations
  • Service groups
  • Participatory orgs
  • Professional associations
  • Campaign groups
  • Groups empowering social objectives

Our NGO clients also vary by level of geographical focus, including the following:

  • Community-based organizations
  • City-wide organizations
  • National NGOs
  • International NGOs

Group Services: The core mission of GoPetition is to help our members reach campaign objectives with leading petition tools and applications. Beyond our core application services, GoPetition provides a way for organizations to build their support base though our featured campaigns program and social networking tools. We allow campaigners to organically attract traffic and grow their membership at the same time. With this approach, our cost-per-acquisition for new supporters is the most competitive in the market. Dedicated case management support is also provided to all client organizations and is designed to help clients reach campaign objectives quickly and cost-effectively.

GoPetition has also recently established a program for charities which is designed to advance charitable objectives and causes with our custom-built software and case management services. Charities, if registered, are offered significant additional support free of charge.

GoPetition invites groups and organizations to join our growing membership base. Every day people who start petitions with GoPetition reach meaningful objectives with our easy-to-use and powerful grassroots campaigning tools. Millions of people have taken action on the GoPetition site, and benefited from our platform.

For more information about how GoPetition can help you with your cause please contact us.