Ex-HMAS Tobruk to be transformed into world-class Queensland dive site

The race was on in November 2016. Federal Member for Hinkler, Keith Pitt, called on the residents of Hinkler to join a campaign to show the Federal and State governments that Wide Bay was the ideal final resting place for the decommissioned Navy vessel, the ex-HMAS Tobruk (pictured below).

Part of the campaign process was an online petition at GoPetition. The petition, authored by Federal Member, Keith Pitt, stated, "The decision on ex-HMAS Tobruk will be made very soon and Federal Member for Hinkler Keith Pitt needs your support to show that Wide Bay is the ideal final resting place." 

Keith Pitt, MP, had been fighting to bring ex-HMAS Tobruk to Wide Bay since he was elected in 2013.

The petition outlined, "Keith is fighting for jobs, fighting for a boost to the economy, and is fighting for a better future for our children... Ex-HMAS Tobruk sunk in Wide Bay waters will not only add vital tourism infrastructure to the region, it will add to our military history."

Fast forward to December 2016, and the Wide Bay area received great news. It was announced on Friday, December 2 that ex-HMAS Tobruk would be sunk as a military dive wreck in the Wide Bay-Burnett region. 

Federal Member, Mr. Pitt, was elated with the decision. He comments on the petition, "We did it Hinkler!... I want to thank everyone who not only supported this online petition, but also the petition presented to Federal Parliament in December 2015. This dive wreck will not only bring domestic and international visitors to the Wide Bay-Burnett region, it will bring much needed long term, sustainable jobs and a future for the next generation."

GoPetition congratulates the Member for Hinkler on his success story.